TNAA has several member-run committees that contribute to the association, and any members of Tennessee affiliates are welcome to join TNAA committees. Below is a list of TNAA committees and their responsibilities. ‚ÄčIf you are interested in joining a committee, visit our Get Involved page.

Association Operations Committee

Committee Chair - Jessica Welch

The Association Operations Committee's objective is to govern and operate TNAA as a responsive and fiscally stable organization according to the established bylaws of the association.

Business Exchange Committee

Committee Chairs - Tammy Lee & Bridget Opfer

The Business Exchange Committee is responsible for planning TNAA's Annual Business Exchange, an exclusive 1-night event that connects supplier members with management company members.

Government Affairs Committee

Committee Co-Chairs - David Tonahill & Wes Hall

The Government Affairs Committee promotes and supports through collective action a favorable legislative, political and regulatory environment at state level.

Marketing and Communications Committee

Committee Chair - Stephanie Burns

The Marketing and Communications Committee increases awareness of TNAA in the state and as a recognized go-to source amongst TNAA members, nonmembers and the community at large.