Committee Information

TNAA has several member-run committees that contribute to the association, and any members of Tennessee affiliates are welcome to join TNAA committees. Below is a list of TNAA committees and their responsibilities. ‚ÄčIf you are interested in joining a committee, visit our Get Involved page.

What is the Association Operations Committee?

The Association Operations Committee's objective is to govern and operate TNAA as a responsive and fiscally stable organization according to the established bylaws of the association.

Association Operations Committee Chair:
Amanda Morgan
Apartment Association of Greater Memphis

What is the Business Exchange Committee? 

The Business Exchange Committee is responsible for planning TNAA's Annual Business Exchange, an exclusive 1-night event that connects supplier members with management company members.

Business Exchange Committee Co-Chairs:
Tammy Lee
Greater Nashville Apartment Association
Bridget Opfer
Greater Nashville Apartment Association

What is the Government Affairs Committee? 

The Government Affairs Committee promotes and supports through collective action a favorable legislative, political and regulatory environment at state level.

Government Affairs Committee Co-Chairs:
David Tonahill
Chattanooga Apartment Association
Wes Hall
Greater Nashville Apartment Association

What is the Marketing & Communications Committee? 

The Marketing and Communications Committee increases awareness of TNAA in the state and as a recognized go-to source amongst TNAA members, nonmembers and the community at large.

Marketing & Communications Committee Chair:
Stephanie Burns
Greater Nashville Apartment Association


What is the Trade Show Committee?
The Trade Show Committee is responsible for planning and executing the GNAA's annual trade show. Member companies gain maximum exposure by showcasing their products and services at the trade show in front of hundreds of multi-family industry professionals with purchasing power.

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 Trade Show Committee Co-Chairs
Tabitha Gill
Timberland Partners
Rusty McDonald
AMI Construction
Maria Williams
Rasa Floors